My Web Site now contains information for my Paternal Genealogy of JACKSON, BULL, TIPPER & HOLLOWAY families and my Maternal Irish Genealogy of HEALY & LENANE families, also that of my wife, Pauline (nee Henderson), whose Scottish ancestral research has posed some interesting problems for me both North & South of the Border and between the Counties of Lancashire & Yorkshire.
     This site has been created in order that members of my family & fellow researchers can see the results of some 42 years of researching our family names, their places of residence and place in the community.   The details have been gathered from documents, photographs, personal memories and items in the Public Domain.   The information that has been brought together has been sourced, where possible, but not all that has been collated is actually detailed on this web site.   There are many Collateral lines included, not all are related to me, but I have recorded them as they may be connected, one day! 
Researchers - Please Note
This, the 315th. Edition of the Site, was produced on 20 October 2022 & represents the LATEST configuration,
the Content WILL differ in some way to that that you may see in previous Editions.
The Web-Site that you see here is extracted from my Family History database which contains records and details more than 39,200 people.
In order to 'protect' Living People, I have excluded certain records from this database by applying the following Rules:
     i.   I have excluded all detailed records about Persons who are known to be Living at the Publication date of this Edition or if evidence of a Death has not been entered.
     ii.  I now include persons that are shown on the United Kingdom 1939 Register of England & Wales, which has been placed into the Public Domain. Some Entries have been officially redacted in the Register, specifically those persons known to have still been Living in 1991.
The REGISTER was commenced on 29 September 1939 and it is my ongoing project to record of ALL persons on my database who were living in the U.K. in England & Wales on that date!  Therefore I now include details about people who were previously excluded according to my former "100 year Rule".        There are a few omissions in that Register but in the main it is a great research source.
With the 1921 Census becoming available to the Public, I have now begun to include details of my own closest Relations but due to the Fees required for access, I will NOT be extending this information for other families who might expect to be seen here.       The 1931 Census Records were destroyed in a fire in December 1942. 
BE AWARE of SOME OF THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTIONS and always cross-refer to the Original Entry Image. 
      iii.  (At the request of one researcher I have excluded 20C details of a branch of the family whose details might be expected to be included on this Site.) 
How Date information is derived
     The following terms are sometimes used for information is not known:
c  --  Circa  -- indicates ± 5 years;    say  --  date based on some other event date;    est  --  date estimated from some other event date;
aft  --  after a date;    bef  --  before a date;    bet  --  date between date. 
    In Marriage records where ages are not known, I assume the following - A husband will be older than his wife by 5 years. 
    Generations have been assumed - for calculation purposes only - to be 25 years. 
Images & Exhibits
   Photographs; Documents and other Images are either 'embedded' or may be shown by 'left-clicking' on the 'camera' icon in a person's Narrative.